How will my anxiety, my doubts about myself, my consuming desire for the unknown ever subside?

Because I am one of those who always think they hear the underground murmur of a hidden source. 

Hella Haasse

anook cléonne





The way we look at nature is much more about how we see ourselves rather than about us creating an image of nature itself. Nature is not aware of itself as nature.

Our image of nature primarily expresses how we relate to nature. It reflects back our self-image, as it were. How we see ourselves and how we relate to the world around us, also determines in large part how we perceive nature in that context.



The romantic ‘German’ notion of nature is not only a major theme in my work, I also base my work on designed landscapes. I use elements from nature and landscapes as metaphors to interpret our place in the world and our relationship to it.

As an artist, I love immersing myself in situations created by people who are driven to collaborate by a shared sense of necessity or concern. In the context of my artistic focus I observe these organizations and businesses as micro-social landscapes. Replete with their own conventions, written and unwritten rules.

In my drawings and sculptures, I investigate the experiences I encounter in these organizational landscapes. I explore the junctions, the back roads, the view and the quicksand from the point of view of the traveller, the tinker, the wanderer, the botanist, archaeologist and the gardener.


Taxonomy of Trust: Fallow Land & Root Causes

In recent years the financial crisis piqued my curiosity and I immersed myself in the world of finance in order to explore the meaning of trust.

Under the umbrella title of ‘Taxonomity of Trust; Fallow land & Root causes’ I create works reflecting experiences in locations including Zuidas, the business district in southern Amsterdam. In these works, fallow land, trees*, weeds and growers’ manuals feature prominently.

Het Blauwe Uur (The Blue Hour)

The insights I gained from Zuidas became the prelude to my most recent project, Het Blauwe Uur (The Blue Hour). In this project I create drawings dealing with major turning points in our lives. Based on stories people have told me about such significant moments, I translate their stories into landscapes. Landscape that can be read as moods. Moods in which space has emerged. Ignited by change.

Because I aim to create a space in which the viewer is literally almost physically transported, the size of my drawings has increased considerably.

Whereas I used to keep colour out of my drawings, precisely because colour has such meaning, I now deliberately make use of the element of colour, linked to emotions, to highlight these changes in consciousness even more emphatically.

Anook Cléonne

Arnhem, 2017

* Based on various symbolic ideas connected to trees, including the fact that trees can outgrow their own systems and then die as a consequence. Also based on the metaphor of trees having a visible section above ground and a corresponding system of roots underground. And finally the paradox of not being able to see the leaves when you focus on the entire tree, and not being able to see the entire tree when you focus on the leaves!